Subject to availability of capacity, bulk deliveries of Non-Hazardous Industrial Wastes will be accepted by agreement only.
Unless otherwise approved by prior agreement, payment shall be made on the day of the delivery prior to off-loading.
Subject to the availability of capacity and by prior agreement, a per gallon charge of between $0.025 and $5.00 will be imposed, based upon the assessment of strength of the delivered waste, as determined by the MHMUA, and based upon gallons delivered, as calculated by truck size or other approved method.
The per gallon charge shall be based upon any factors determining the type, class and amount of use or service of the system, or any combination of any such factors, and may give weight to characteristics of the waste and any other special matter affecting the cost of treatment and disposal thereof.

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Frequently asked questions

What are our office hours?

Our office is open 7:30AM- 4:00PM Monday through Thursday.

How often does the MHMUA invoice?

Bills are sent out quarterly.

What are the payment options?

The MHMUA accepts cash, checks,money order and certified funds at the office. We offer the A.C.H. program, the free, quick and easy way to pay your bill. You can also pay online with your checking account, debit card, or credit card. Look for the icon on our home page "PAY ONLINE". You can now sign up for EBills, which provides you with a paperless invoice sent to the email of your choice.

Does the MHMUA offer a Senior Citizen discount?

Yes, if you qualify for the Senior Citizen property tax deduction through your tax assessor's office, you can recieve a $13.00 per quater discount on your Mt.Holly Municipal Utilitiy bills.

How can I change the name on my account?

THe MHMUA requires written documentation; such as a deed, death, divorce and or marriage certificate.

How do I change my mailing address?

The MHMUA requires a written request to change the "bill to" address on an account. Send an email with your information ( Name, account number or address and phone number) to info@mhmua.com

What do I do in the event of a sewer blockage?

Please call (609) 267-1110 and someone will assist you.