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This page is for frequently asked questions that the MHMUA receives. If this hasn't answered your question please give us a call or email us at

Why can’t I see my second meter credit on my bill?

The second meter credit is calculated in conjunction with your normal usage. For more information about the second meter program please visit our 2nd Meter section.


What is the “residential outside meter”?

Residential outside meter is the code applied to the service billing charge for a residential property which is located outside of Mount Holly Township.


How do I apply for a senior citizen discount?

You can apply for a senior citizen discount with the Tax Collector of your township. Once qualified the Tax Collector will provide us with the information and you will receive the $13/quarter credit.


I do not have a garbage disposal, why am I being charged for one? …how do I get this removed from my bill.

 When the application for the property was submitted, a garbage disposal was designated on the form. We can remove this charge upon notification from the homeowner and subsequent inspection.

When are your board meetings?

Our board meetings are the 2nd Thursday of each month. For more information please click here.


I am a tenant how do I get the account in my name?

A tenant can receive the bill, but the account will always stay in the name of the property owner. To receive the bill, a tenant and landlord authorization application form will need to be submitted along with the associated $25 fee. The "Tenant Landlord App" can be found here.

I filled my pool, can I get a credit?

Yes, you can submit an email with your address, the date filled, size & shape of pool (dimensions) and the amount of gallons the pool holds to receive credit for the outside water usage.


The liner on my pool torn, and I had to refill my bill- how do I get a credit?

You can submit an email with your address, the date filled, size & shape of pool (dimensions) and the amount of gallons the pool holds to receive credit for the outside water usage.


Why is my bill so high?

Your bill is calculated in two parts. A fixed service billing charge and a variable charge based upon your water consumption. If your bill is high, the most likely reason is your consumption of water at the home for the billing period. I’d be happy to review the account with you to clarify the charges.

Can you please waive the interest charged?

You can submit an email to request the interest be waived, however we are unable to remove interest charged unless the charges were applied in error.


I paid online, why do I still have a balance?

Online payments are received by us the following day. We post this payment and overnight the system updates. Please allow 1-3 business days for the payments to be updated.


Can I make payment arrangements?

No specific payment plans are provided; however, you can make installments as you would like. With that said, interest is applied per the statutory amount of 1.5% per month on any outstanding principal balance.


I am buying a home in MUA sewer service area, how do I set up an account?

You will need to set up an account with NJAW for water and once the prior owner is billed for their final bill, we will change the account over to you.


I am selling my home, what do I need to do?

You can send the final water reading/bill to to speed up the final billing process on the account and receive the escrow funds back faster.


I am currently the tenant of a home and purchasing from the owner, what do I need to do?

You can fill out a manual reading form if the water is in your name. If not, you can contact NJAW to establish an account for water.


I received a credit from NJAW, will you follow suit?

                You can submit this request to for review and consideration.


My payment is not posted to my account?

Depending on your method of payment, the time for us to receive could vary. You can check your bank for the check to clear or it was electronic ensure the payment was processed by your bank.

I will be away on vacation can I pay my bill in advance?

We cannot give you your next bill until it has been billed to your account. We bill in the rears and have to wait for the readings from NJAW to get the numbers to calculate your bill. The sanitary sewerage charge for structures having a metered water supply shall be the sum of the service billing charge and the sewage flow charge.


Can I view my bill online?

Yes. If you click on “Pay Sewer Bill Here” it will bring you to the payment website. You will need your account #, name on the bill, or address. You can view your current bill and see if you have any delinquent bills open.

Call before you dig? Why? 1-800-272-1000

There are underground utility pipes, cables, and wire
s in places that you would never expect, and often close to the surface! Cutting or breaking any of these underground utilities can incur extremely high repair costs as well as service disruption for numerous residents, and property damage. However, in the case of severing or cutting into electric or natural gas lines, it can cause severe injury or even be deadly. 


One Call Systems, Inc. , (OCS) is charged with operating the utility damage prevention system statewide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their obligation is to receive and record the notice of intent to excavate, assign a notification number to each intent to excavate, and transmit the information to the appropriate utilities promptly. One Call Systems, Inc., (OCS) has been providing underground notification and damage protection services to utility companies nationwide since 1975.




Anytime you (contractor OR homeowner) plan to dig (excavation, demolition, and blasting) whether it’s a large construction or a homeowner project, such as putting up a fence, clothesline pole, mailbox post, or even a real estate sign post, creating a new garden (existing gardens are excluded), building a home addition, deck, or foundation, etc. , you must call not less than three (3) business days or more than ten (10) business days in advance. A business day is any day, not including weekends or holidays. The number to call is 1-800-272-1000.


Additional ONE-CALL details for those interested:

The One-Call system alerts the various utility companies who may have buried pipes, cables, and wires in your specific area. Each utility company will “Mark Out” the locations of their underground apparatus to alert you of its location. Each type of utility uses a different color marking paint for their portion. Blue is Water; Green is Sewer; Yellow is Natural Gas; Red is Electric; and Orange is Telephone, Cable TV or other Communications Lines, including Fiber Optics. White marking paint is to be utilized to mark out the proposed digging area(s) by the contractor or homeowner in advance of the various utilities companies’ arrival to identify and mark the locations of their respective underground pipes, cables, or wires. In addition to the colored marking paint, most utility companies will often insert marker flags as well, bearing the same utility color scheme. The MHMUA will mark out our sewer lines in green, following the standard mark out color codes.

Questions from Title Companies/Closings......

How do I get a final?

You can request a final bill via our email. Include title company name, company address & phone number, file number, service address, buyer’s name if known and settlement date if available.


Why are you holding $500.00 in escrow?

We ask that title companies hold $500 plus the estimated quarter as stated on our search cards. This is to ensure enough funds are held due to the fact that we bill in arrears and the final bill could fluctuate.

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